Club Executive Committee

President: Beverly A. Lun

1st Vice President: Pierre Marinier

2nd Vice President: Patricia A. Nahorniak

Recording Secretary: Michèle Castonguay

Membership Secretary: Cathy Colligan

Corresponding Secretary: Lei Jin

Treasurer: Joanne Daigneault

Past President: Cathy Colligan


Support Group

Monthly Raffle: Patricia A. Nahorniak

Newsletter Editor: Patricia A. Nahorniak

Hospitality: Florence Dafter and Suzanne Wiseman


Show Executive

Chairman: Beverley A. Lun

Dealers: Catherine Heenan

Exhibits: Beverley A. Lun / Pierre Marinier

Tickets and door prizes: Joanne Daigneault

Hospitality: Florence Dafter

MEM Table: Cathy Colligan / Jean Thornton

Work Schedule: TBD

Publicity: Club Members

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