April 4, 2020

Today would mark what would have been day 1 of our 40th annual show, wouldn't it be of the current COVID-19 situation.  The 40th annual show will be delayed quite a bit but in those times of social distancing, miniature is a perfect escapade!  Many visitors are telling us all the time that our exhibition room is sparking up their imagination and fueling them ideas for the year to come.  One of them, Marilyn Driscol from New Brunswich, suggested that we may post pictures of some of our MEMbers exhibits in some sort of a "virtual exhibit" for everyone's pleasure.  Some members are raising up to the challenge and we will post their work on that page throughout the weekend as well as in the next few days...  Come back often to visit the blog as content will be uploaded as received.

Nursery by Inge Cossette

Here is the first piece presented by another very active member in our past exhibitions : Inge Cossette.  Inge is presenting a nice nursery with nice dolls and tons on details:

Can't you hear the children laughter ??

Thank you Inge for this wonderful exhibit!

Teeanager Room in a Lantern by Michèle Castonguay

The teenager's room has been completed in a workshop at the Ontario Miniatures Gathering.  The teacher, Cheryl Hubbard, was suppose to attend our show for the first time this year.  Cheryl is working, among other things, wonderful quarter scale wicker furniture.  Her work can be found on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.fr/manitobaminis/miniatures-by-cheryl-hubbard/.

The furniture in this display as well as all the items are made from scratch using everyday material.  The lantern can be found at Ikea.


 Thank you Michèle for this unique piece!

40th Show and Birthday Party by Caroline de Repentigny and Fernand Rondeau

Caroline and Fernand are very active members that largely contribute to our exhibit every year.  They are officially inviting you to travel to our 40th show:


They also invite you to a 10th birthday anniversary in the park...  something to dream of after all this social distancing...  does it apply to dogs as well?

 More of their work will be showcased here !  Stay tuned...

Colour is life! by Suzanne Wiseman

Suzanne is presenting us an exhibit that features our 2018-19 building structure project, the green house or artist studio.  Suzanne transformed this into a nice green house.  She definitely has green thumbs!!

Thank you Suzanne for this wonderful exhibit!



Basement by Erica Laptiste

The 2019-20 monthly meetings were picked around the theme of the basement.  Workshops included the building structure, windows and blinds, steps, hot water tank, Halloween and Christmas decorations, stocking jars, etc.

A basement can be a a stoking place or a living place.  Erica went with a very eclectic piece with a wonderful place for minis creation!

   Thank you Erica for this very nice and realistic basement!

Quarter Scale Cottage by Erica Laptiste

Here is an exquisite quarter scale cottage presented by Erica Laptiste.  This great "viewable all sides" exhibit is very detailed inside out.

Quarter Scale Cottage Exterior

 Have you notice the front door window?  Also, the front yard is fantastic!


Quarter Scale Cottage Interior

Wow, this place looks cozy!!  Really...  Home sweet home!! 

Erica also left us with close up views on the kitchen and dinning room:

Quarter Scale Cottage Kitchen

Quarter Scale Cottage Dinning Room

 Thank you Erica!

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