April 4, 2020

Today would mark what would have been day 1 of our 40th annual show, wouldn't it be of the current COVID-19 situation.  The 40th annual show will be delayed quite a bit but in those times of social distancing, miniature is a perfect escapade!  Many visitors are telling us all the time that our exhibition room is sparking up their imagination and fueling them ideas for the year to come.  One of them, Marilyn Driscol from New Brunswich, suggested that we may post pictures of some of our MEMbers exhibits in some sort of a "virtual exhibit" for everyone's pleasure.  Some members are raising up to the challenge and we will post their work on that page throughout the weekend as well as in the next few days...  Come back often to visit the blog as content will be uploaded as received.

Small Pink Manor by Caroline de Repentigny and Fernand Rondeau

Fernand and Caroline are exhibiting this nice 1:96 pink house:


Gorgeous no?  The furniture almost fit on top of a needle!!!  Nice work Caroline and Fernand!!

1:12 house by Caroline De Repentigny and Fernand Rondeau

Caroline and Fernand are back with a 1:12 house fully furnished and a joy to visit!!


Love it!  Looks cozy!  Thank you Caroline and Fernand!

Cuban Kiosque by Diane Raymond

Diane Raymond has exposed many wonderful pieces last year and was ready to repeat this year.  Here is a first virtual exhibit from her, a Cuban Kiosque:


So here is my plan: one of those mats for the beach, a beverage and a fruit!  And hop for a wonderful day in paradise!  Thank you Diane!

Solarium by Joanne Daigneault

We all have UFOs (unfinished objects), it looks like us miniaturists are specialists at this !  This is one on Joanne's who bought this solarium a while back but finished it this year.  Love the result!


Wouldn't you spend your Sunday in that Solarium?  Thank you Joanne! 

Winning MAGMA Special Raffle Prize by Joanne Daigneault

The MAGMA miniatures MAGMA, sponsors a raffle where proceeds go to a Women's Shelter in the area.  Last December, Joanne was the lucky winner of the following scene.  It is fabulous and displayed amongst her miniatures.

Isn't it lovely?  Thank you Joanne for sharing that piece with us!

The Yellow House by Caroline De Repentigny and Fernand Rondeau

Caroline and Fernand are excellent at completing projects A to Z and their houses are always gorgeous.  The Yellow House is a 1:48 kit from one of our long term dealers Gayle Baillargeon from Petworth Miniatures.  Caroline and Fernand gave it their very personal touch!


 Cudos!  The cohesion is great.  Spending time is that house (and that weather) would be wonderful, wouldn't it?  Thank you Caroline and Fernand!

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