Adhesive Guide

Elmer's Carpenter's Glue®™

Dollhouse assembly, moldings and trims, mesh-mounted bricks to be grouted


Tinted or White Glue

Furniture Kits



Hardware, metal to metal, metal to wood


Zap-A-Gap®™ / Crazy Glue®™ / Loctite®™

Instant bonding of tightly fitting pieces, e.g. furniture assembly and hardware mounting (will attack finished surfaces)


Contact Cement

Copper foil, veneer work


Spray Glue

Floorings and wall coverings with kraft backing


Hot Glue

Shingles or tacking operations


Tile Grout

Mesh mounted bricks and tiles


Carpet Tape

Carpets, styrene wall and floor sheets



Bricks, stone, stucco


Wallpaper Paste




A series of glues; for example: fabric, paper, gems, woods, tacky etc...


Testor's Plastic Cement®™

Plastic Kits, plastic fencing



Lighting fixture, insulating wire, temporary installation of windows and doors

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