Tips and Hints

These tips are provided by our members:

  • Use Silicone adhesive for ceiling fixtures. It remains pliable and fixture can be removed easily with a razor saw when the bulb needs replacing. 
  • Roughen the back of a metal hinge with sandpaper or emery board and the glue will adhere better.
  • Miniaturize your own photos. Just mount a dozen or so on a board (use masking tape behind each) - step back four to six feet and shoot the whole board at once. You now have a dozen tiny photos to cut out and frame.
  • If a lighting fixture emits a harsh light, soften the effect by painting the bulbs with stained glass paint.
  • If unsure about assembling a dollhouse kit, tape the shell of the house together with masking tape. This dry run will do wonders for your self-confidence.
  • Full-sized white, or off-white, vinyl wallpaper with a very tiny stippled effect gives the appearance of real plaster. It brightens the room and hides many evils.
  • Micro 'alligator' clips with smooth or gripped edges make great little clamps for holding tiny items when gluing (available at home renovation centres and electronic shops).
  • Emery boars make great sanding tools.
  • For a metallic shine on painted surface, rub with graphite (pencil) shavings.
  • To turn copper a 'weather beaten' green use ordinary household ammonia.
  • Avoid using a 110-volt electrical system in your dollhouse. It is hazardous. Use a12-volt transformer.
  • Always order or buy a little extra wallpaper because you may run short and the next shipment may not be from the same dye-lot
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