MEMbers Polling – Show 2022

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This section will allow you to give us your availabilities and preference so that we can plan a working schedule. Please be as precise as you can in your responses to allow better planning. We understand however that plans and situations may change between now and April and will adjust if necessary. We also understand that our MEMbers that are also dealers cannot work the show as they need to mend their table(s) at all time.

Special Considerations and Additional Details

Should there be special considerations for your participation in the show, we need to know... We are also considering a "Bring a friend" policy where a volunteer can get a day pass against 2 hours of volunteer work. Please select all the applicable responses and / or add detail in the text box below.

Exhibition - Getting Prepared...

MEM Show built it's reputation with the quality of the vendors and of the MEMbers' Exhibitions that is always quite superb!! We understand that you are not yet prepared to provide us with Exhibits information but we hope you are working on it. In order to do some preliminary planning, please let us know if you plan in participating.